Le Mani In Pasta Trastevere?

Le Mani In Pasta Trastevere
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Is Lele Mani in pasta worth a visit?

Le Mani in Pasta continues to be EXCELLENT! We visited years ago and were impressed with the simple yet delicious food. So we went back recently and we’re pleased to find everything was just as tasty. The service is also friendly and the vibe is fun. It’s super popular so it’s best to make a booking in advance.

What to eat in Trastevere Rome?

Best Pasta in Trastevere Rome – Cucina Romana/Roman Cuisine – I find most people want traditional Roman cuisine when they look for Trastevere restaurants/trattorias, which for most people means pasta! At a typical Roman trattoria, the classic pasta dishes we are looking for are carbonara, cacio e pepe, amatriciana, and gricia,

Why are there so many restaurants in Trastevere?

Best Pasta in Trastevere Rome – My Favorites – If you’re wondering why a couple of famous Trastevere restaurants are not on this page, there is a reason. I cannot recommend them because their food is just not that high quality, but more importantly, their management engage in bad behavior where tourists are concerned.

On this page, I am not going to mention the tourist traps or bad places to eat. For me the worst part of a “tourist trap” is actually less about the food (which may or may not be mediocre), but more about how tourists are treated vs. how locals are treated – different pricing, making you rush to eat, sticking service charges on the bill, etc.

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Those are the restaurants I skip and never recommend. So, on this page, I want to tell you where Alessandro and I, and also my Roman friends, go to eat some of the best pasta in Trastevere Rome. This is based on my more than 20 years living in Rome, and tips from Alessandro and also from Roman friends who live in Trastevere,