Brussel Sprout Pasta?

Brussel Sprout Pasta
Plant Brussels sprouts 6-10 weeks before the first expected frost. Select a site with full sun and rich soil. Sow seeds of Brussels sprouts 3-4 inches apart or plant seedlings 18-24 inches apart. Provide Brussels sprouts with steady, consistent moisture. Begin fertilizing a month after planting.

How to grow brussel sprouts?

Start your Brussel sprouts four weeks before your planting date in mid-March. Take a modular planting tray and plant one seed in each module. Plant the seed at just under an inch deep in the tray, and the seeds should germinate within 7 to 12-days. After germination finishes, the seedlings are ready for transplanting into the garden 4-weeks later.

What is the botanical name for brussel sprouts?

Growing Brussels Sprouts Botanical Name Brassica oleracea Plant Type Vegetable Sun Exposure Full Sun Soil Type Loamy Soil pH Neutral to Slightly Alkaline, Slightly A 4 more rows

When to plant brussel sprouts in Zone 9?

In zones 9-10, sow seeds or plant transplants October through December. Gardeners in cooler areas can grow a spring crop if they plant them outside as soon as the soil is workable. Brussels sprouts thrive in full sun, and in rich, consistently moist soil.

What is the best fertilizer for brussel sprouts?

One dose of an organic, slow release, granular fertilizer will feed the plants most of the season. Tip: When the Brussels sprout plants are small, you can plant a short season crop between the rows. Bush peas and beans are a good choice because they provide extra nitrogen to the soil.